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Verstappen not surprised by Ferrari: Maybe we are more efficient

Verstappen not surprised by Ferrari: "Maybe we are more efficient"

20 May - 10:22 Last update: 11:29


Since Red Bull Racing introduced thir first major updates of the season in Imola, Max Verstappen has not lost a race. However, he does not simply agree that his team now has the fastest car, and moreover, he sees some areas for improvement.

Verstappen is obviously happy with his victory in Miami, but he is less satisfied with how the weekend went as a whole. He missed almost all of Friday due to persistent problems with his RB18 and therefore sees an area for improvement for his team in that area. "We need to make the weekend easier for ourselves, so that's what we're going to focus on," the Dutchman observes in conversation with Sky Sports.

Verstappen on budget cap for Red Bull

He finds the suggestion that Red Bull now has the fastest car a bit premature. "That's what they say, but every track is different," he continues. In addition, he points out that many teams have brought updates to Barcelona.

Ted Kravitz's question about whether Ferrari's statements about Red Bull's budget ceiling came as a surprise brings a smile to Verstappen's face. "It's not a surprise for us. Maybe we are more efficient," said the world champion.

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