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Aston Martin appears in Barcelona with 'copy of Red Bull RB18'
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Aston Martin appears in Barcelona with 'copy of Red Bull RB18'

19 May - 18:43 Last update: 19:16


The anticipated, comprehensive update of the Aston Martin AMR22 has arrived in Barcelona. The AMR22B is indeed a completely different car from its predecessor, but it still has something familiar: the car looks suspiciously like Red Bull Racing's RB18.

New Aston Martin looks suspiciously similar to RB18

Where Aston Martin's predecessor (then known as Racing Point) came up with a "pink Mercedes" in 2020, Red Bull now seems to have fallen victim to some copying methods. The infamous 3D cameras, which the team said it had used to "draw inspiration" from other teams, have since been banned by the FIA, but the British team seems to have found a way around this.

The AMR22B features a completely different design of side pods and a new floor, with the aim of solving the problems with porpoising and getting the car out of the backfield. However, the new design immediately raises questions, as it is very similar to the Adrian Newey-designed RB18.

This has not gone unnoticed by the journalists on location, who have already shared the necessary photos of the AMR22B. Or should we say the 'green Red Bull'?

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