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Is Haas taking a risk? Only in France will there be serious updates

Is Haas taking a risk? Only in France will there be serious updates

19 May - 16:38 Last update: 19:06


Haas is one of the big surprises this season. The team has already collected 15 points, 15 more than last season. With that, the decision to put total focus on the 2022 car already last year is paying off.

Long wait

Kevin Magnussen is responsible for all of the points the team has at the moment. His return to Formula 1 has been a huge success for the time being. Now the question is whether Magnussen and Haas can maintain the good line. While other teams are bringing one update after another to the circuits in the coming period, it remains very quiet at the American team so far.

During the French Grand Prix, Haas plan to bring a major update, reports Motorsport.com. The race at Paul Ricard will not be completed until July 24. So until then, Haas will continue to race with the concept that started the season. A risky choice, because the competition is not sitting still.

Sticking to the plan

Still, team boss Gunther Steiner doesn't fear that Haas will suffer much pain from a delayed update. Admittedly, he says he doesn't know what other teams are doing. But Steiner has a plan and his team wants to stick to it: no quick updates, but a solid, substantial new package in France.

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