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FIA comes up with a plan to raise level of race directors

FIA comes up with a plan to raise level of race directors

19 May - 15:25 Last update: 15:29


The FIA plans to invest heavily in race directors for the future. According to Mohammed Ben Sulayem, it is important that they receive thorough training in the future, so that there will always be enough people who can take on this role.

Last season, the importance of a good race director became clear. In a blistering season, in which Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamiton battled over who would win the world title, Michael Masi had to make several difficult decisions. The high-profile decisions of the stewards in Abu Dhabi resulted in Masi having to step down.

For this season, Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas are at the helm. Ben Sulayem wants to raise the level of Formula 1 further and says in conversation with Motorsport.com that the FIA wants to create an education system.

Ben Sulayem thinks about rally navigators

The FIA president also stated that he expects rally sport navigators to be able to take the lead in Formula 1 as well. Ben Sulayem points to the organization and structure that must be present in both sports. For the time being, he is keeping all options open.

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