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Alonso has no regrets: 'Best for both parties'

Alonso has no regrets: 'Best for both parties'

19 May - 14:22 Last update: 14:26


Ferrari decided to bring two-time world champion Fernando Alonso to the team in 2010. It was not a great success, however, as the Spaniard did not get any further than second place in the world championship three times. Alonso therefore still feels that he made the right decision to leave.

The Madrid native seemed to be going for his third World Championship victory with his arrival at the Italian racing team, but came up short. Red Bull Racing beat the Italian team four times between 2010 and 2013, a year later it was Mercedes that ran away with the top prize.

"We were very close a couple of times and those missed opportunities were quite heavy on the shoulders of everyone," Alonso looks back in conversation with the BBC. "The atmosphere in the team was not happy enough at one moment and I decided to stop the relationship there, even if I had two more years' contract, because it was the best for both parties."

Alonso maintains winner's mentality at Alpine

The current Alpine driver emphasizes that he still likes to win, but that his chances at Alpine are a lot smaller. Nevertheless, he tries every race weekend to get the maximum performance out of his car.

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