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These F1 circuits have missed out on being replacements for Russian GP

These F1 circuits have missed out on being replacements for Russian GP

18 May - 14:12 Last update: 14:31

In February, Formula 1 confirmed that the Russian Grand Prix would not take place because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The sport went out on a hunt to find a replacement, but on Wednesday Formula 1 announced that no replacement will be made. The 2022 season will consist of 22 races. 

Rumours and speculation about who could replace the vacant space in the schedule did the rounds. But it seems like it was impossible for F1 to schedule in a replacement. With the Football World Cup taking place in December, Liberty Media and F1 insisted the season would conclude in November. This has created little room in the schedule if a date couldn't match up with empty space.

However, The Russian Grand Prix weekend was scheduled for September 23 to 25 forming a tripleheader with Singapore and Japan. Any direct date replacement would've had to have made logistical sense with those other two Grands Prix. These are the circuits that could've filled the gap. 

Istanbul Park

Perhaps the best option was Istanbul Park in Turkey. Formula 1 also raced there in 2020 and 2021 and the drivers all find it a challenging circuit. The Turkish GP did not get a spot on the 2022 calendar originally, now it won't get the replacement option either. 


As in Turkey, the Portimao circuit has been used for the last two years. The infrastructure and everything required was ready to go in Portugal, but it would've been too much of a challenge logistically with the long distances. 


Three Italian GPs: We already saw it in 2020. Mugello pitched in when many Grands Prix were cancelled, but last season it was not used. The same question occurs when it comes to travelling, but the race before is at Monza and so the teams can travel through that way, but it seems like another reason has stopped this from happening. 


The last time Formula 1 raced at Hockenheim was in 2019. Max Verstappen managed to win that race on a wet track. It is known that the Hockenheim cannot cough up the 'entry fee' on an annual basis, but with Mick Schumacher as an emerging German talent and Liberty Media in need, something might've been possible.


The Eifel Grand Prix was held at the Nürburgring in 2020 and that was a one-off. The Nürburgring could easily host Formula 1, but as with Hockenheim, money is the big problem.


The last time there was a race in China was in 2019. The past two editions were cancelled due to the coronavirus and also in 2022 they did not dare to host Formula 1.  Things have seemingly got worse in China in recent weeks. 


The Malaysian Grand Prix was one that was always spectacular and Verstappen keeps fond memories of it due to the fact that he won there in 2017. The Malaysian government also stopped it after that, as Formula 1 was no longer profitable. But no exception could be made despite some hints.


There was the first race in Qatar last season at the Losail International Circuit, but there is no Grand Prix in Qatar in 2022. The GP does return to the calendar in 2023, possibly at a new circuit.


The Jerez circuit also has the proper license to host Formula 1. Jerez's name popped up often in the past two years, but Formula One ended up choosing other Grands Prix to replace cancelled races. 

Two races at the same circuit?

In the past we also saw two Grands Prix at for example the Red Bull Ring or Silverstone and that was, of course, an option again in 2022. 

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