Eifel Grand Prix


First grand prix 1951

Number of laps

Race distance 0.000KM

Circuit length 5.148KM

Formula 1 GP of the Eifel

In the already strange Formula 1 season 2020 a separate name for a Grand Prix will be added. The F1 race at the Nürburgring has had many names over the years, but the Eifel Grand Prix is new. Although this is a bit reminiscent of the famous 'Eifel races' that were held in this sub-region of Nordrein Westfalen from the 1920s onwards.

The Eifel Grand Prix 2020

With this Grand Prix the Nürburgring returns to the F1 calendar after seven years of absence. At the same time, a Formula 1 race will take place on German territory, an event that was cancelled prior to the season. Once again it shows what a special year 2020 is.

The Nürburgring is one of the most classic F1 racetracks and is therefore not in any way out of place as a Grand Prix venue. The famous and also infamous Nordschleife was inaugurated in 1927 and was in most years up to and including 1976 the battleground for the German Grand Prix. However, after the heavy accident of Niki Lauda the F1 said goodbye to the Nordschleife.

The royal class of motorsport only returned when the current Grand Prix circuit was built in the 80s. In 1984 they drove the Grand Prix of Europe and a year later the Grand Prix of Germany. After that the sport stayed away for another ten years before returning in 1997 as the Grand Prix of Luxembourg, before being renamed the Grand Prix of Europe again in 1999.

In the period from 1997 to 2007 the circuit finally had a permanent place on the calendar again, but unfortunately it wouldn't keep it. From 2009 it alternated the German Grand Prix with the Hockenheimring every other year. The last edition of this was held in 2013. That race was then won by Sebastian Vettel.

What does the Eifel Grand Prix race weekend look like?

On Thursday October 8th the drivers will take the time to speak to the media in the press conference. On Friday October 9th they will get into their cars for the first time for the free practice sessions, while some of their team bosses will speak to the press. Qualifying will follow on Saturday 10th of October and the race on Sunday 11th of October.

What time does the Eifel Grand Prix start?

The race weekend keeps the standard times for European Grands Prix. This means that qualifying starts at 15:00 and the race on Sunday at 15:10. If you can't watch the race on television, there is always the live blog of GPblog.com to keep you informed.

Session Date Time
Practice 1 9 October 2020 05:00 - 06:30
Practice 2 9 October 2020 09:00 - 10:30
Practice 3 10 October 2020 06:00 - 07:00
Qualifying 10 October 2020 09:00 - 10:00
Race 11 October 2020 09:10 - 11:10
Times are in America/New_York Timezone
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