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Hope for Schumacher: Verstappen also had one or two crashes

Hope for Schumacher: "Verstappen also had one or two crashes"

17 May - 17:47 Last update: 19:17


Christian Danner notices that the pressure on Mick Schumacher is very high. The former Formula 1 driver states in conversation with Motorsport-Magazin.com that this is not only due to his last name, but that some contemporaries have also set the bar high.

With Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 still has some drivers of the older generation who perform at an excellent level. At the same time, several talents came along in recent years who are increasingly taking over the motorsport class.

Schumacher needs to make quick moves at Haas

For example, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are fighting for the world title this season. Danner believes that both drivers were given time by their team to develop, but that they also showed quick recovery. According to him, the latter is not the case with Schumacher, so Haas' patience will run out once.

"Lando Norris also messed up once, but he came and was immediately incredibly good," Danner stressed in the interview. "Leclerc also messed up at times, but when he drove for Sauber, he made a show of it. Verstappen also had one or two crashes. The bar set by this new generation of racing drivers is very high."

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