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GDPA president agrees with FIA on piercings: 'But prefer different approach'

GDPA president agrees with FIA on piercings: 'But prefer different approach'

16-05-2022 12:22 Last update: 14:53


The president of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) Alex Wurz has also commented on the discussion that has arisen in F1 about wearing piercings and jewelry. According to the former F1 driver, it is a good rule, but the FIA did not address it properly.

Wurz stands by FIA

Leading up to the Miami Grand Prix, race officials Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich decided that the rules about wearing piercings, jewelry and proper underwear needed to be more strictly enforced. Lewis Hamilton became the biggest brunt of this, as the seven-time world champion likes to wear jewelry and piercings. The Briton only did not agree after tightening these rules and did not take off his piercings in Miami.

A considerable discussion has arisen between the FIA and the Mercedes driver, in which FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has also become involved. Wurz says to Reuters.com that the rules set by the race officials are good rules: "This rule is there for the right reasons. I would have perhaps preferred a different approach in how the FIA conveyed this message. You have to work together. That's a style I would have prefered in this case."

Wurz worries about safety F1 drivers

Wurz who is concerned with driver safety can recall a conversation with former F1 driver Kris Nissen who had a serious crash at the Fuji circuit in 1988 in which his car caught fire. Wurz: "He showed his body and said, 'look at this.' The most painful thing about the fire, which didn't even last that long, was the rubber of his normal pants burned into his skin. It educated me."

For Wurz, this is a clear example of why certain rules are set by the FIA. Hamilton's piercings could also cause additional injury or unsafe situations in an unfortunate moment: "I wouldn't want to live with those consequences if all you had to do was take off your pants and put on fireproof material. The same goes for jewelry."

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