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Norris and Ricciardo are party animals: 'We got kicked out of the pool'

Norris and Ricciardo are party animals: 'We got kicked out of the pool'

15 May - 18:28 Last update: 15 May - 18:28


The life of a Formula One driver is a lot of glitz and glamour. At least, that is often the image of the outside world. In practice, it's mostly a lot of traveling, spending long days at the track and then sleeping. Right?

Ruined room

During a panel discussion surrounding the Miami Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris gave an insight into their lives as superstars. The McLaren drivers indicated that they are sometimes quite mischievous. "I mean, I didn’t merely trash the room, I trashed the whole floor", Ricciardo recalled according to the New York Post.

Further elaborating on what exactly happened, the Australian does not. Norris doesn't want to go into too much detail either, though he does talk about staying at a Hilton hotel in 2019. "We got kicked out of the pool. We were being naughty in the pool and everyone, not just me, got kicked out. So we went up to the rooms [and] had a nice party in the rooms,” Norris says.


The drivers recounted their escapades at the Hilton, one of McLaren's sponsors. Laughing, they apologized for all the inconvenience caused. “And that was that, so I apologize if there were any disturbed people in the ground above and the ground below. But yeah, it was good fun.” Norris said.

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