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De Vries shakes off all the bad luck: 'What has changed? Nothing!

De Vries shakes off all the bad luck: 'What has changed? Nothing!

15 May - 16:34 Last update: 19:21


At last Nyck de Vries sat victorious at a Formula E press conference again. The Dutchman closed a chapter of disappointing results with his victory in Berlin.

Nothing changed

De Vries was clearly the best and his win was hardly ever in danger. A day earlier - during the first race in Berlin - things didn't work out at all. What a difference 24 hours can make. But what exactly had changed? During the press conference, De Vries had a clear answer: nothing.

"The last few weeks there were little things that kept getting in the way of a good result," De Vries said. "In the fundamentals, everything was there. But this also shows how tough this championship is. It can very easily not fall your way. Especially if you don't start in the top five. Now it's about keeping the momentum going."

Fun challenges

De Vries is now sixth in the standings, well behind Vandoorne. The Belgian has 111 points, De Vries has 65. The next race in Indonesia, De Vries will have to score well again to maintain his championship ambitions.

It will be the first time Formula E has descended on Jakarta. "Here in Berlin everyone knows the circuit," said De Vries. "The circuit there is completely new. So you can be completely right or completely wrong with the set-up later on. That makes it a fun challenge."

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