Ferrari wants to develop: "That will be very important for us"

13-05-2022 16:24 | Updated: 13-05-2022 17:37
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Ferrari wants to develop: That will be very important for us

Mattia Binotto is looking forward hopefully to the Spanish Grand Prix. The Italian racing stable plans to launch a major update package then, with which the team of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz hopes to make a big step in the development of the F1-75.

The Ferrari team boss realizes that the team has come up short against rival Red Bull Racing in recent races. Therefore, with the Spanish GP approaching, he hopes to regain the momentum and take victory.

In conversation with Binotto therefore has a clear message for the Austrian formation. "It is our turn in the coming races to develop the car as much as possible by introducing upgrades," said Binotto, who expects a lot from the update package that is coming. "That will be very important for us."

Ferrari prepares well for Barcelona GP

Earlier in the day it came out that Ferrari might hold a secret test at the Monza circuit with the new updates. The leader of the world championship thus seems to want to make sure it is ready for the Spanish GP. With nineteen points, Leclerc is still at a safe lead over Max Verstappen, but a disappointing result in Spain could just change that.

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