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Sainz hopes to achieve dream: 'It would be unique'

Sainz hopes to achieve dream: 'It would be unique'

12 May - 16:22 Last update: 18:58


Formula One teams will travel to Spain next weekend to complete in the sixth Grand Prix of the season. For Carlos Sainz, it means a race in his home country. In conversation with AS.com Sainz talks about how eager he is to take a victory.

The Spaniard hopes to put his volatile season behind him as soon as possible. In Miami, he already took the first step by securing third place and thus ending up on the podium. Sainz hopes to finish two places higher in Barcelona.

"It would be unique, because it would be my first and it would be in my home country," he explained in the interview. "That's what I work for every day and I try to get there as soon as possible. The fans will want it, but I'm the one who wants it the most."

Updates at Ferrari and Red Bull

Ferrari is reportedly coming out with some updates in Spain, which should raise the performance of the cars of Sainz and Charles Leclerc. At the same time, however, Red Bull Racing also seems to be getting ready for improvements to the car. It, therefore, promises to be another exciting race weekend between the two teams.

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