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Support for Alonso: 'He's had a lot of bad luck'

Support for Alonso: 'He's had a lot of bad luck'

12 May - 09:51 Last update: 14:10


For Fernando Alonso, 'El Plan' has not yet gone as he had hoped. The Spaniard is only on two points after five races, but is supported by Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi.

Expectations were high around Alpine after Alonso set the bar high with 'El Plan' on the back of his car at the end of 2021. It's all going to be very disappointing in 2022. Alpine is sixth among the constructors and saw star driver Alonso retire twice already. The Spaniard has only scored two points, even though the pace seems to be there.

Alonso has a lot of bad luck 

''Of course we are as frustrated as he is. He only has two points, while if you were to ask Alonso or other people everyone says he's in the best four. He's always there this year, but he's just had a lot of bad luck,'' said the CEO of the French brand according to Marca.

Alonso crashed out in Saudi Arabia due to a problem with the car, crashed out in qualifying in Australia due to a problem with the car and crashed out in Imola due to damage sustained from a spin by Mick Schumacher. It's not exactly easy for the Spaniard and with an expiring contract and Oscar Piastri in the waiting room, it's not an ideal situation.

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