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Sainz had to block Verstappen in Miami: 'Bitter defeat for Ferrari'

Sainz had to block Verstappen in Miami: 'Bitter defeat for Ferrari'

11-05-2022 19:13 Last update: 11-05-2022 19:13


Carlos Sainz had "only one task" at the Miami Grand Prix, and that was to protect Charles Leclerc. However, this went wrong immediately at the start. Ferrari will have to hope that the updates work in Barcelona.

Italian journalist Pino Allievi believes that Sainz failed in the only task he had during the race in Miami. With Leclerc on pole position and Sainz on P2, it was up to the Spaniard to keep Verstappen behind him so that his teammate could keep the lead.

Sainz got off to a bad start, however, causing the Dutchman to go right past him at the second corner. A few laps later, Leclerc also fell victim to the Red Bull driver. "Carlos had only one job in Miami and that was to block Verstappen's path at the start in order to protect Leclerc", Allievi tells FormulaPassion.

Sainz didn't get it done

He continues: "Sainz wasn't able to do that. He was overtaken by Max in Turn 2 and his race was over at that point. However, Leclerc was also unable to deal with Verstappen's comeback, losing the lead after eight laps. Ferrari leaves Miami with a bitter defeat."

Ferrari does still lead in both championships. For the Spanish Grand Prix, the team will come out with a significant package of updates. "It doesn't change much. We will see Ferrari back at the top if the upgrades they promised in Spain will work", ends the Italian.

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