Red Bull backed by two other teams: FIA must keep an eye on these things

Red Bull backed by two other teams: "FIA must keep an eye on these things"

11 May - 16:46 Last update: 17:06

A lot of eyes were on Ferrari, and mainly on the floor of the F1-75, during the Pirelli tire test after the Imola Grand Prix. It seemed that the Italian formation was testing a new specification of the floor on the Italian circuit and that is something that is against the rules. The other teams in Formula 1 are making it clear once again that it is important that this is going to be enforced very strictly.

The FIA claims to have found no irregularities with Ferrari, yet the other teams in Formula 1 are not entirely sure whether Ferrari has coloured within the lines. Christian Horner previously questioned the innocence of the team from Maranello, and Mercedes and Alpine don't seem entirely convinced either.

What do Mercedes and Alpine say?

Protests will not follow from Ferrari's competitors, but the message for the FIA is in any case clear: something suspicious like this must not happen again. Toto Wolff to"The FIA must keep an eye on these things. It can't be that any team runs a component in an environment where it shouldn't. And I guess if the FIA wasn't 100 per cent behind that, I'm sure they are now."

On Alpine's side, CEO Laurent Rossi says: "I know the suspicions, but I wouldn't say ... I wouldn't point the finger at anyone yet because I don't know the details. That would not be fair. But at the end of the day, we need transparency. We need to know if something went wrong or not. And if so, what resulted from it?" So at least in Formula 1, Ferrari has made sure that everyone is one hundred percent on edge in this area as well.

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