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Horner crystal clear to FIA: 'That would be unfair'

Horner crystal clear to FIA: 'That would be unfair'

11 May - 14:20 Last update: 15:46


Michael Andretti is still doing his best to establish a Formula 1 team. Christian Horner is in principle a great supporter of new racing teams but emphasizes in conversation with Metro that he does want to make demands.

As of 2017, Formula 1 consists of ten teams, all of which receive a portion of the prize money. The entry of Andretti would mean that there would be an extra formation in the motorsport class and that the amount that the teams receive would therefore be lower.

Horner would not approve of the FIA opting for this and advises the organization to provide its own funding. "Money is ultimately going to be a significant factor," he said in the interview. "Because it would be unfair to expect the other teams to pay for the additional new entrants to come in indirectly."

Andretti collects signatures in Miami

Andretti is busy behind the scenes trying to secure his spot in Formula 1. For example, he was back at the Miami circuit last weekend to get the support of team bosses and collect their signatures. Andretti's goal is to appear at the starting line in 2024.

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