Binotto expresses hope: 'That's why I'm optimistically disappointed'

09-05-2022 01:37
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Binotto expresses hope: 'That's why I'm optimistically disappointed'

Ferrari didn't get the win in the Miami Grand Prix. Where Charles Leclerc had a flying start, the last two Grands Prix it was Max Verstappen who ran off with the victory. Nevertheless, there seems to be no panic at Ferrari, as Mattia Binotto points out.

After a disappointing start, Red Bull Racing seems to be in full form. The Austrians made some updates and as a result they are already two races ahead of Ferrari. Binotto also sees that Red Bull has invested heavily in improvements to the car, but the team boss knows better than anyone that the season is still long.

"Red Bull has been spending money, so I hope that with the budget cap they will stop development at some point while we get some upgrades available," he revealed in an interview with Sky Sports Deutschland. "That's why I'm optimistically disappointed."

Ferrari confident in car

Binotto agreed in the interview that Ferrari has barely developed the car since the start of the season and that the Italians are still on top in the world championship and constructors' championship. In Barcelona Ferrari hopes to do well with some updates.

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