Hamilton questions Mercedes decision making: "That's what your job is"

08-05-2022 22:53
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Hamilton questions Mercedes decision making: That's what your job is

In the post-race interviews, Lewis Hamilton shed further light on a debate between himself and his race engineer during the Miami Grand Prix. With the late safety car, a chance to pit opened up but the Mercedes team opted to stay out on the circuit. His teammate George Russell pitted and benefited by having fresh tyres. 

Confusion on the radio

"In that scenario, I have no clue where everyone is, when the team say it is your choice, I don't have the information to make the decsion. That's what your job is, make the decsion for me. Today they gave it to me, and I don't understand it," Hamilton told Sky Sports.

Hamilton started from P6 but had some contact with former teammate Fernando Alonso in the opening exchanges. Hamilton doesn't believe this affected the car too much but confirms it felt different. The Brit is happy to score points, though looks forward to the upgrades coming that he hopes will solve porpoising issues. 

"The car didn't feel the same compared to the laps to the grid. I am sure they will check it. It was a hard hit but should be okay. I was doing the best we could and we got good points as a team today. Reliability is good. I am excited at some stage to move forwards," Hamilton added. 

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