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Vettel makes remarkable statement aimed towards FIA

Vettel makes remarkable statement aimed towards FIA

7 May - 17:38 Last update: 19:15


Lewis Hamilton is at heads with the FIA regarding the enforcement of the rules regarding wearing jewelry, but Sebastian Vettel has also spoken out on the matter. To back up his words, the Aston Martin driver made a special statement on Friday.

Vettel makes statement towards FIA

Prior to the first free practice session, Vettel appeared in a remarkable outfit. In a reaction to the decision of race director Niels Wittich to start enforcing the wearing of jewelry and non-fireproof underwear, the German decided to put on his underpants over his race overalls instead.

Speaking to Autosport.com, the driver explains that his action was meant as a wink because the subject is still being talked about. He doesn't really care about the rules themselves, but according to Vettel there are more important issues that the FIA can worry about.

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