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Ricciardo and Hamilton have it tough: 'They want a comfortable car'

Ricciardo and Hamilton have it tough: 'They want a comfortable car'

6 May - 10:07 Last update: 10:37


Juan Pablo Montoya believes that Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo are not necessarily performing less than their younger teammate, but are mainly working on making the car more to their liking.

Since he arrived at McLaren, Ricciardo has not been the driver that people expected him to be for the team. Not he, but Lando Norris is pulling the cart at McLaren and that is causing criticism of the Australian. He is the man with the race wins behind his name and was brought in as the new frontrunner.

Difference between generations

However, Montoya sees a difference in approach between a younger driver like Norris and a more experienced driver like Ricciardo. ''Daniel wants the car to do what he wants, whereas Lando is younger and thinks 'we'll see what happens'. He just goes for it and sees along the way how he can handle the car,'" says the former McLaren driver at VegasInsider.

Montoya sees the same pattern at Mercedes, where George Russell is currently having less trouble with the W13 than Hamilton. ''That doesn't mean George is much faster than Lewis. They (the younger drivers) are more comfortable taking risks and more comfortable with how the car moves. Daniel and Lewis are more focused on making the car more comfortable,'' Montoya concludes.

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