Will Miami end Mercedes' impressive run?

02-05-2022 12:17 | Updated: 02-05-2022 13:43
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Will Miami end Mercedes' impressive run?

Mercedes was the most dominant force in Formula 1 for eight consecutive years. The constructor built up some impressive series. There is a very good chance that one of those series will end with the Miami Grand Prix.

Mercedes won every new Grand Prix

Mercedes won the bulk of the races in the turbo-hybrid era in Formula 1. In 2014, they won the first Grand Prix in Sochi, which was credited to Lewis Hamilton. In 2016, Nico Rosberg won the Baku Grand Prix for the team. Although Liberty Media is seen as the great innovator of Formula 1 and the organizer of several new races, it seems mostly that the coronavirus has given F1 bosses a hand. Indeed, starting in 2020, the new introductions to the calendar are going fast.

In 2020, the GPs of Mugello and Portimão were won by Hamilton. In 2021, the seven-time world champion also won the Losail and Jeddah GPs. Liberty Media meanwhile also brought the Dutch GP back on the calendar, but it should be emphasized that this was a return of a circuit. Max Verstappen won in the Netherlands, so Zandvoort was not a new GP not won by Mercedes.

Record of Mercedes finished?

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix was, however, a circuit set by Liberty Media as a race with a permanent place on the calendar. The next new race in Formula 1 is the Miami Grand Prix this coming weekend. It seems that Mercedes' record will end after the first part of the turbo-hybrid era. Indeed, with the sweeping rule changes of 2022, Mercedes no longer seems to be in a position to take victory in Florida.

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