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'Ferrari may already be getting an engine update for Miami Grand Prix'

'Ferrari may already be getting an engine update for Miami Grand Prix'

2 May - 10:07 Last update: 11:52


Ferrari will come up with an engine update in Miami or Spain, according to The Race possibly with an engine update in Miami or Spain. Until September 1, part of the engine may still be tinkered with and the Italian team seems to be taking advantage of this.

Update in Miami

Ferrari has started the 2022 Formula 1 season well. The team has the lead in the driver and constructors' championship after four races. Two of the four races were won and the reliability is especially a plus compared to the big rival Red Bull Racing. That reliability would also have been well tested in the recent period.

In 2022 the complete development of the engines will be frozen, but in steps. As of March 1, a large part of the engine is as homologated. The ICE, the Turbocharger, the MGU-H, the exhaust, the fuel and the oil may not be modified until 2025. The deadline for the MGU-K, the Control Electronics and the Energy Store is September 1, 2022.

Ferrari with more power

According to The Race, there will be update from Ferrari before that date and there is speculation of an introduction in Miami or Spain, when the team will also start with a fresh engine. In addition, according to the medium, there are also reports that Ferrari is getting more and more power out of the engine, now that it has tested its reliability in the first races.

It is suspected that Ferrari wanted to test this year's new engine for reliability first, before ramping up the power. With Carlos Sainz, it is said to have already tested with a higher engine setting and with Leclerc it should happen soon. Mattia Binotto denies the rumors, but does state that each engine supplier will find more power through the year by optimizing the design.

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