'Ferrari drove with five more horsepower than in the first two GPs of 2022'

'Ferrari drove with five more horsepower than in the first two GPs of 2022'

11 April - 15:43 Last update: 15:52

Red Bull Racing dominates on the straights with its engine power but it is Ferrari that manages to gain a lot of time in the corners. The Italians know that they are somewhat vulnerable when the engine is running at full power, so last weekend they decided to increase the performance of the power unit by five horsepower.

This is reported by The feedback that the Maranello-based team received back in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has made Mattia Binotto's team decide to take a calculated risk and introduce a small power increase of 5 hp.

Whereas Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were at times more than ten kilometers per hour faster on the straights in Saudi Arabia, there was very little evidence of that at Albert Park. The difference between the two teams last weekend was a little less than five kilometers per hour. This could of course also have something to do with the set-up of the cars, but at least on engine level there seems to be progress.

What is Ferrari doing in Italy?

The aforementioned medium further states that it is 'not a foregone conclusion' that this small performance boost will also be used on the circuit of Imola in a week and a half. Ferrari is currently working hard on the reliability of this first engine specification. Imola has considerably fewer sections where full throttle is used, so it is possible that Ferrari does not need the five extra horsepower.

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