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Pirelli sees graining on tyres: 'Will be a key element to the strategy'

Pirelli sees graining on tyres: 'Will be a key element to the strategy'

8 April - 16:25 Last update: 16:40


The Albert Park circuit provides an additional challenge this weekend, as the drivers must learn the modified layout. In addition, the new asphalt means that there is less grip. Pirelli predicts that the degradation of the tyres will play an important role in the strategy during the race.

Pirelli has made a notable adjustment to the available tyres this weekend. Namely, it has chosen to skip a compound in the selection menu for the teams. Pirelli has chosen for the C2, C3, and C5 compound. Whether this will introduce different strategies during the race remains to be seen.

The performance differences measured between the tyres are large, namely 0.8 seconds. Pirelli therefore thinks it has made the right choice and will perhaps introduce skipping a compound in other races as well.

Degradation of tyres will determine strategy

"We observed some graining on the medium and soft in particular during both sessions. As this obviously has a direct effect on degradation, managing it will be a key element to the race strategy," Pirelli boss Mario Isola says on the website.

"We’d probably expect the teams to focus on the two harder compounds though, using the soft for qualifying. With the track evolution here, we’ve not quite seen the full picture yet so the final data we get from FP3 tomorrow will also be important in terms of strategy.”

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