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Ferrari searching for improvements in this area for fight against Red Bull

Ferrari searching for improvements in this area for fight against Red Bull

8 April - 02:36 Last update: 03:39

So far in the 2022 Formula 1 season, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have been a clear cut above the rest of the field. They exchanged in tight battles at both the Bahrain Grand Prix and Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, but Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz is unsure whether that will continue in the Australian Grand Prix with upgrades at many teams. 

Tight battles 

Sainz's teammate Charles Leclerc has been fighting his rival Max Verstappen for the lead in both races. In Bahrain, Leclerc got ahead and managed to build a lead in the World Championship when the Duchman retired. Sergio Perez set pole position in Jeddah, and Sainz hasn't been a million miles away. Meanwhile, the winners of the last eight Construtors' World Championship have struggled with porpoising. 

Sainz is unsure whether or not Ferrari and Red Bull will renew their lonesome battle as it depends on the upgrades from other teams. "It depends how many upgrades the others have, it's pretty clear we in the first couple of races we had a gap to the rest of the field. It was an interesting head to head battle, tight in qualifying and races. Within a tenth of each other which makes for a great fight each time we're on track," Sainz said during the press conference. 

"Until any of us brings something major it will stay like that. I don't know what they're doing here if they bring something or not. As a team, we are focusing on the top speed. To try and fight them a bit more face to face in the race because they looked strong in Jeddah. We have a good balance and we've been reliable too." 

Growing Formula 1

Formula 1 hasn't raced on the Albert Park Circuit for three years. The sport as a whole has gone through significant changes and improvements since then. One of the best title fights in the sport's recent history between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen took place and that also helped grow the sport. 

Sainz reports he can tell the difference when arriving in Melbourne for the latest race. "It's always great to be back here, it's a great Grand Prix. The whole city welcomes us a lot in Melbourne and you can see the difference. With a good moment for F1, there are people on the streets cheering us since we landed on Monday. An incredible amount of support and people are excited to see us here," Sainz added. 

"The track looks very different, I think they resurfaced it first of all which is something that will effect the braking points. Before it was bumpy, two or three corners much faster. It's meant to make the racing better, and make overtaking better."

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