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'Audi and Porsche set to enter F1 in 2026'
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'Audi and Porsche set to enter F1 in 2026'

7 April - 18:15 Last update: 19:12


Volkswagen Group made its final decision Thursday afternoon to enter Formula 1 in 2026. It means that a possible partnership between Audi and Red Bull Racing is getting closer.

It had been in the air for some time that Audi would be active in Formula 1. On Thursday afternoon, the Supervisory Board met to discuss the plan. The attendees reportedly agreed with the plans, so they decided to give the green light. That reports Auto, Motor und Sport. The organization is now entering the final phase, where it awaits the regulations for 2026.

Porsche is said to be teaming up with Red Bull, while Sauber/Alfa Romeo are teaming up with Audi. McLaren was in pole position to join forces with Audi for a long time, but it seems that this will not happen now. Reportedly, Audi does not want to meet the financial requirements of McLaren for a takeover. By the way, Aston Martin also seems to want to cooperate with Audi, but they are now leaning towards the Sauber team.

New engine rules in 2026

The rules for engines will be changed in 2026, introducing a budget ceiling for the development of the engine. As a result, several engine suppliers have indicated their interest in a transfer to Formula 1. Besides Volkswagen Group, Porsche is also said to be interested in the pinnancle of motorsport.

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