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Red Bull shows visible change: 'Have been a little nicer'

Red Bull shows visible change: 'Have been a little nicer'

24 March - 16:59 Last update: 18:11


Red Bull Racing expressed confidence in Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez on several occasions in recent months. Where the Dutchman showed himself extensively in 2021 and took the world title, the Austrian racing stable noticed that Perez immediately fitted well into the team. Juan Pablo Montoya thinks Red Bull's confidence is a good thing, he tells Vegainsider.com.

The Austrians were looking for the ideal team for years. After the departure of Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull tried with Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon, but both drivers could not convince the team of their qualities.

Red Bull seems to be going in the right direction

Although last season Perez was also criticized, Red Bull kept its back straight and stuck to the formation chosen at the beginning of 2021. This season, the team does not seem to be planning to change this in the interim.

"The crazy thing with F1 is when you're really good, they give you a lot of breaks," says the former Formula 1 driver. "And I think Red Bull changed their mentality lately and have been a little nicer to their guys because they used to give them a chance, and two races later someone and two races, somebody else."

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