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New parts for Verstappen's RB18 arrived in Bahrain

New parts for Verstappen's RB18 arrived in Bahrain

11 March - 09:54 Last update: 11:03


Red Bull Racing's new parts have arrived at the circuit. Max Verstappen did not yet drive with new parts in Bahrain, but that does not seem to be far away now.

Updates from Red Bull

Adrian Newey announced on Thursday that the team would appear on the track on Friday and Saturday with updates that would be visible to the naked eye. Verstappen will drive the RB18 on Friday morning, but for the time being, was not driving the new parts. However, they have already been spotted at the track.

It is not yet known what parts are involved, but there is a good chance that Verstappen will drive a renewed car on Friday afternoon. Mercedes came up with major updates on Thursday and although Verstappen indicated that they are not looking at the competition, Red Bull also has to test the newest parts before the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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