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Complete time overview first test day Bahrain | These teams are disappointing

Complete time overview first test day Bahrain | These teams are disappointing

10-03-2022 18:51 Last update: 23:20


The first day of testing in Bahrain, and already the fourth test day of the season, is over. In Barcelona it was Ferrari who managed to set the tone, but who was the most impressive on day one in Bahrain? GPblog lists all the times of the day.

Most kilometres - Perez

The lap times don't say much yet during the test days in Formula 1, but the number of kilometers driven per team says a lot about the reliability of the car. Red Bull Racing looked the strongest on Thursday, as Sergio Perez drove the most kilometers with 137 laps. In addition, there were five other teams that also managed to tick the 100 lap mark.

Pierre Gasly closed the first day as the fastest man on track on the C4 compound. Ferrari completed the top three with both drivers on the C3 compound. Red Bull was mainly concerned with the hard tires today, as they will also be used at the Bahrain Grand Prix in a week's time.

McLaren disappoints

For McLaren and Haas F1 the fourth day of testing was disappointing. Due to a cargo delay, Haas could only start testing in the afternoon. At McLaren, Lando Norris was in the garage a lot due to problems with the brakes. In the end, the Briton only drove 49 laps.

When looking at the laps driven over all four days of testing, Ferrari is on top with a lead of more than fifty laps. Red Bull Racing is in second place for now, but is hot on the heels of Mercedes.

Top ten fastest times first test day Bahrain

Driver Team Tire Time
1. Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri C4 1:33.902
2. Carlos Sainz Ferrari C3 1:34.359
3. Charles Leclerc Ferrari C3 1:34.531
4. Lance Stroll Aston Martin C4 1:34.736
5. Alexander Albon Williams C4 1:35.070
6. Lando Norris McLaren C2 1:35.356
7. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo C3 1:35.495
8. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin C3 1:35.706
9. George Russell Mercedes C3 1:35.941
10. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing C2 1:35.977

Top three times C2 tire

Driver Team Time
1. Lando Norris McLaren 1:35.356
2. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing 1:35.977
3. Esteban Ocon Alpine 1:36.768

Top three times C3 tire

Driver Team Time
1. Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1:34.359
2. Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:34.531
3. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo 1:35.495

Top three times C4 tire

Driver Team Time
1. Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:33.902
2. Lance Stroll Aston Martin 1:34.736
3. Alexander Albon Williams 1:35.070

Number of laps driven per driver

Driver Number of laps
Sergio Perez 137
Alexander Albon 104
Pierre Gasly 103
Valtteri Bottas 66
Charles Leclerc 64
Lewis Hamilton 62
George Russell 60
Guanyu Zhou 54
Carlos Sainz 52
Lance Stroll 50
Lando Norris 49
Pietro Fittipaldi 47
Esteban Ocon 42
Sebastian Vettel 39
Fernando Alonso 24

Number of laps driven per team in Bahrain

Team Total laps
Red Bull 137
Alfa Romeo 120
Ferrari 116
Williams 104
AlphaTauri 103
Mercedes 102
Aston Martin 89
Alpine 66
McLaren 49
Haas F1 47

Number of laps driven per team over four days of testing

Team Total laps
Ferrari 555
Red Bull Racing 496
Mercedes 495
Williams 451
McLaren 417
AlphaTauri 411
Aston Martin 385
Alpine 332
Alfa Romeo 295
Haas F1 207


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