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Verstappen and colleagues speak out about situation in Ukraine

Verstappen and colleagues speak out about situation in Ukraine

9 March - 19:03 Last update: 19:28


On Wednesday, photos of the Formula One drivers at the Bahrain circuit appeared, showing support for Ukraine. On social media, the drivers are now also showing their support.

Lewis Hamilton was the only driver not present for the photo opportunity in Bahrain, but the Briton let it be known on Instagram that he supports Ukraine. The seven-time world champion could not be there on time due to a flight delay.

Verstappen speaks out

Max Verstappen also let himself be heard on social media. "Please, no war", the Dutchman writes in his tweet. His colleagues are also tweeting massively about the war in Ukraine. It seems that the FIA has made a deal with all drivers, because the tweets all appeared at the same time on social media.

The FIA decided last week that Russian and Belarusian athletes may race, but they must sign an agreement. The drivers may participate under a neutral flag, but may not refer to Russia, among other things. Haas F1 decided to fire Nikita Mazepin immediately because of the war in Ukraine. The team announced today that Kevin Magnussen will take over his seat starting this season.

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