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'Verstappen gave Hamilton a taste of his own medicine with those actions'

'Verstappen gave Hamilton a taste of his own medicine with those actions'

7 March - 07:58 Last update: 12:01

Lewis Hamilton was given a taste of his own medicine by Max Verstappen in 2021 according to Nico Rosberg. The German states this in conversation with Sky Sports about the fight between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

Rosberg wins over Hamilton

For four years, Rosberg and Hamilton drove together for Mercedes. In the first season, there was still a friendship between the two, but there was little left of that friendship by the end of 2016. Rosberg had just won his first world title and that had consumed so much energy that he decided to retire.

The German could not bring himself to fight Hamilton for another year. Rosberg had had to compete against the Briton since childhood and actually always lost. Only in 2016 did he manage to beat the seven-time world champion over a whole year. Verstappen has now managed to do the same and Rosberg sees why.

Verstappen gives a taste of his own medicine

"Max definitely started the season very aggressively. Barging Lewis out in Imola, [he did it] in a way that Lewis used to do to me," Rosberg said in conversation with Sky Sports. According to his former teammate, the Mercedes driver therefore got a taste of his own medicine. "It’s one of Lewis’ great skills, and here he has an opponent doing to him what he usually does to others."

However, the former world champion is not worried about his former friend, rival and teammate. Indeed, according to Rosberg, Lewis is a fighter who knows how these things work. He will do everything he can to come back stronger and fight for the title again.

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