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Problems for Mazepin grow worse: UK bans participation in races

Problems for Mazepin grow worse: UK bans participation in races

2 March - 11:16 Last update: 12:53


Where drivers such as Nikita Mazepin could still breathe a sigh of relief after the verdict of the FIA surrounding the drivers from Russia and Belarus on Monday night, there now seems to be a serious obstacle for Mazepin and his participation in the 2022 F1 season. The motorsport federation in England has prohibited teams, drivers and officials from Russia and Belarus from participating in motorsport events in England.

F1 journalist Chris Medland reports this on Twitter. So where the FIA seemed to be reporting good news to Mazepin and others, this measure from Motorsport UK will hit hard. The measure means that Mazepin, if he stays with Haas, would not be able to participate in this year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Even for drivers who will race under the FIA flag, which was the measure the FIA took on Monday night, are not welcome at races in England.

When will Haas tie the knot?

It all makes Haas' decision no easier. They were already in Barcelona with their main sponsor UralKali, which they removed from their cars. Now that Mazepin is definitively not allowed to participate in one of the races on the 2022 calendar, things are not looking very rosy for the Russian. With test days in Bahrain already scheduled for next week, Haas will be in some hurry to make a decision.

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