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Olav Mol supports Michael Masi after FIA departure

Olav Mol supports Michael Masi after FIA departure

20 February - 16:14 Last update: 18:19


Olav Mol has in conversation with Motorsport.com expressed his support for the departed Michael Masi. According to the Ziggo Sport commentator, Masi has done little wrong in Formula 1 in recent years.

After the sudden death of Charlie Whiting, the FIA decided to put Masi down as race director. Whereas he did not always have an easy time with his decisions, Mol felt that he created clarity in the sport in a positive way.

However, it turned out to be insufficient to keep his job within the organization. Last season he received a lot of criticism from several teams, including Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, for his performance. For example, his decision in the final race in Abu Dhabi helped ensure that Max Verstappen went home with the World Cup instead of Lewis Hamilton.

Masi deserved more support from the FIA

While Mol understands that the pressure on Masi was high, he felt that the former race director deserved to stay in his seat. However, the FIA thought otherwise, as they announced Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich as replacements. However, Mol openly wonders if the pair will do better than what Masi showed to the outside world in recent years.

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