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Norris is in 'Hamilton camp': 'This is something completely for myself'

Norris is in 'Hamilton camp': 'This is something completely for myself'

19 February - 09:14 Last update: 12:56


Lando Norris has launched a clothing line with his E sports team Quadrant, and in doing so appears to be following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton. Norris says he is happy with the project for himself, but not yet as confident as the Mercedes driver.

Speaking to men's International magazine GQ.com the McLaren driver discussed the run-up to the new Formula One season, but also the things surrounding his professional racing career. The medium divides the drivers on the grid into two camps with on one side the characters like Max Verstappen who are dedicated to racing and training only and on the other side the drivers like Lewis Hamilton who are not only completely dedicated to the sport but also have diverse opportunities outside the sport. Norris has taken his first steps into that second category with his own clothing line. GQ is curious to see if we can expect to see Hamilton-like outfits from Norris in the near future.

Norris: "No. Not quite that. I don't have that level of confidence just yet. Maybe that's a few years away. But we have some really cool stuff coming up actually, which isn't too far away. I just signed off on a lot of the things." Norris is especially happy to have a project more his own. The young Briton is busy enough with McLaren and Formula One, but having his own clothing line allows him to have his own full input. "There's no need for the extra little logos and mandatory things," he said.

Norris most looking forward to Miami

The conversation ends on a sporting note, with Norris also expressing expectations for next season. The McLaren driver says he is most looking forward to the new Miami Grand Prix, living up to his just-created reputation as a future F1 jetsetter: "I think it's just going to be crazy. It’s just a cool place and cool circuit. I think it's going to be a bit of the vibe of Monaco, in a way. It obviously doesn’t have the historic part of Monaco, but there will be a similar essence I think, with the celebrities wanting to be there and having this massive audience and fan base there as well."

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