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Update | 'Red Bull performs secret shakedown with 'very unique front wing''

Update | 'Red Bull performs secret shakedown with 'very unique front wing''

16-02-2022 15:49 Last update: 19:08

Red Bull Racing is said to be secretly conducting a shakedown of the new RB18 for 2022 on Wednesday. The team is said to be testing a temporary white painted car with drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Red Bull Racing reportedly performing shakedown at Silverstone

During the afternoon, a tweet surfaced from a Polish Twitter account named @Karol296, claiming to have unofficial information that Red Bull is present at the circuit.

The tweet reads as follows: "According to unofficial information, the Red Bull RB18 is having a filming day at Silverstone today. The car is said to be painted in some sort of temporary white paint. If this is true, unofficial photos should follow."

If the information turns out to be true, it means that Red Bull planned the shakedown in secret. In doing so, the team is probably hoping to prevent photos of the 'real' RB18, of which we haven't seen much so far, from leaking out.

Update | 'Red Bull fitted with 'very unique front wing''

Another Twitter account later reported that the Austrian team would indeed be at Silverstone for a shakedown with a 'car painted white'. The car is also said to be fitted with a 'very unique front wing', according to @LappedCars.

Red Bull Racing's secretive attitude to the new RB18 could mean that top designer Adrian Newey has once again come up with a brilliant idea. In that case, it is vital for the team to keep the design out of the limelight for as long as possible so that the competition do not get a chance to copy the part before the season starts.