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Simulations and money play a role in choice of circuits for sprint races

Simulations and money play a role in choice of circuits for sprint races

5 February - 10:51 Last update: 14:42


Talks about sprint racing and its future have been going on for a while. Now it seems that these talks are turning into bad news for English fans, as Silverstone is probably not going to host a sprint race.

Silverstone was the circuit where a sprint race was held for the first time last year. Max Verstappen won that sprint race and started the British Grand Prix from pole position. Lewis Hamilton was second and Valtteri Bottas third.

A source from Formula 1 has informed the Daily Mail that Silverstone is not one of the circuits that they are looking at at the moment. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali would like to have sprint races on other circuits. Simulations show which circuits are most suitable, but money also still plays a major role. Some circuits are clearly willing to pay more for a sprint race.

Talks about raising the budget ceiling

For a long time it seemed that we would have six sprint races in 2022, but at the moment it is still uncertain exactly how many there will be. There are currently discussions and talks going on about the format, as some teams want a higher budget ceiling to cover the cost of the extra races. Other teams and team bosses, including Zak Brown and Guenther Steiner, do not want an increase. 

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