'Not Mercedes or Red Bull, but smaller team in trouble'

'Not Mercedes or Red Bull, but smaller team in trouble'

1 February - 09:54 Last update: 12:07

In recent days there have been many rumors circulating about teams not finishing their cars on time. Red Bull Racing, Mercedes and Aston Martin were mentioned, but now it seems that one of the 'smaller teams' is in trouble.

Many rumors surrounding crash tests

From both Mercedes and Red Bull it was said that the new chassis' would not have passed the crash tests. Mercedes reacted to this and said that the homologation had already been completed a few weeks ago. The Italian journalist Giuliano Duchessa is able to report that Red Bull is also experiencing no problems. In addition, Aston Martin would say that they are on schedule.

Instead, one of the 'smaller' teams would actually have a problem with the development of the 2022 car. Duchessa does not mention any names in his tweet, but when talking about the smaller teams in Formula 1 these days one often talks about Williams, Alfa Romeo or Haas F1. The Italian lets us know that this is a high-quality source.

First test is at the end of February

The teams have about three weeks left before everything has to be shipped to Barcelona for the first pre-season session. This session starts on February 23 and is mainly held behind closed doors.