Ricciardo critical of own performance: 'I just have to drive better then'

27-01-2022 16:14
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo critical of own performance: 'I just have to drive better then'

Daniel Ricciardo had to watch his former teammate Max Verstappen battle it out with Lewis Hamilton last season and win. The Australian would have preferred to be in Verstappen's shoes himself, but realizes that he still needs to improve a number of aspects.

The driver began his period at McLaren at the beginning of last year. Where he hoped to be capable of great performances right away, the opposite was true. Ricciardo saw how his teammate Lando Norris got off to a better start and in some races was even able to compete with Hamilton and Verstappen. In the second half of the season, however, he managed to come back.

Ricciardo is critical of himself

With the rule changes, the chances of McLaren competing for the world title next season seem considerable, making Ricciardo realize that he must perform in 2022. The driver of the British racing stable notes in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport that in order to win the world championship he does need to do a few things better.

"If I really want to be in a title fight, I just have to drive better on bad days," he stressed. "I think it's also about being aware of that. Sometimes, by just riding round after round, I fall into, let's say, my old technique or my old style. I have to be aware of it when it happens. Then I have to concentrate."

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