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Hamilton and Verstappen contribution estimated smaller: 'A tool'

Hamilton and Verstappen contribution estimated smaller: 'A tool'

26 January - 12:21 Last update: 13:02


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are frequently complimented on their contribution within the team. However, according to Sergei Sirotkin, we should not make their role too big, as drivers are only part of the team.

The driver says in his column on Formule1.nl that people often overestimate the contribution of drivers. According to Sirotkin, where they can tell like no other where the problems and improvement points of the car lie, it is the employees within the team who take care of the car.

"For the outside world, a driver is mainly the star of the team but actually he is more of a tool. In the positive sense of the word, of course, a tool," he reveals. "To the outside world they are of course an ambassador, internally he is much more of a radar in the machine but a very important one. But he is by no means elevated above the rest."

Formula 1 drivers have tough job

Sirotkin emphasizes that this by no means means means that drivers have an easy job. According to him, they are busy fulfilling obligations almost all day and therefore there is hardly any room for free time. Ultimately, however, they cannot do without their teammates who do a lot of the work for them.

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