Leclerc competitive with brother: 'With tennis he wins now'

25-01-2022 18:21 | Updated: 25-01-2022 20:58
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Leclerc competitive with brother: 'With tennis he wins now'

Arthur Leclerc and Charles Leclerc are brothers who both race at a high level. The former drove a debut season in Formula 3 last year and the latter has already racked up several victories with Ferrari in Formula 1. Leclerc talks about his relationship with his little brother.

At the website of Ferrari it is said that the world is full of stories about competing brothers and it is no different in the world of motorsport. Among the twenty F1 drivers, there is only one driver with a brother who also races at a high level. Arthur and Charles Leclerc are three years apart, they don't look very much alike, but their relationship is particularly good. Talking to his employer Charles says that he sometimes helps his brother with racing, but that he also wants to give him the space to find out for himself what his problems are and to improve himself.

Leclerc brothers have good relationship

Yet, Leclerc says the help also works the other way around: "Sometimes he lets me know things that he noticed during a race weekend and I didn't see myself to try to help me. That's always nice. So the support goes both ways." No doubt the younger Leclerc has a career in Formula 1 in mind; with a teacher like Charles, you have good papers. Leclerc says their bond is like that of most brothers, and that there is a lot of competition between them.

"When I was eight or nine, it was easy to beat him. Now that we are adults, that three-year age difference has disappeared. It's hard to beat him, especially with tennis." Leclerc does not address the question of who is better at racing. The brothers went to Brignoles for the Ferrari interview and photo shoot, to the place where they were first introduced to karting; an excellent time to gauge the proportions. But Leclerc says: "We mainly went to just have fun. It's a place that's close to my heart."

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