Horner on fight with Wolff: "It's a sport; we don't save lives"

25-01-2022 17:25 | Updated: 25-01-2022 20:56
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Horner on fight with Wolff: It's a sport; we don't save lives

The 2021 F1 season was particularly exciting. Tempers were running high between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. Not only was the tension between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton noticeable, but also between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner. The Red Bull boss downplayed the fight a few weeks later.

Mercedes took the constructors' title, but Verstappen took the drivers' title with Red Bull. The constructors' title may bring the team more money, but judging from the reactions in both the Red Bull and Mercedes camps, the individual championship is still the most important. The way Verstappen managed to become champion in Abu Dhabi caused a lot of controversy. Mercedes is still not over the loss. However, Horner did go to Wolff in Abu Dhabi to shake his hand.

Horner downplays fight with Wolff

The Medium WION spoke with Horner about that moment. They argue that when the battle is over, it's time to celebrate each other's success together. Horner: "Yes look, at the end of the day it's a sport; we're not saving lives. It's hard and competitive, but I think in the end there should always be respect." The team boss went to see Wolff to wrap up the tough and long season. Unfortunately, Wolff was not present at the venue where Horner sought him out. The Brit did get a chance to speak to Hamilton and his father.

Horner looks back on a sentimental victory for Verstappen. After all, Verstappen has driven his entire F1 career at Red Bull. "We've seen him turn from a teenager into a young man," says Horner. "Given how he drove last year, it's completely deserved that he became champion."

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