Unclear regulations throw Ferrari's test plans into disarray

25-01-2022 15:53 | Updated: 25-01-2022 16:53
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Unclear regulations throw Ferrari's test plans into disarray

Ferrari are completing an extensive test program this week at home circuit Fiorano, but the team has had to make last minute changes to which car will be driven today. This is, according to the Italian team, because of ambiguities in the test regulations of the FIA.

Awaiting new regulations FIA

Ferrari has four test days scheduled this week. Tuesday and Friday will be the turn of test driver Robert Shwartzman, Wednesday Charles Leclerc and Thursday Carlos Sainz. The drivers were supposed to carry out the tests with the SF21, last season's car, but on Tuesday morning Shwartzman got into the 2018 SF71H at the last minute after all.

"Pending update from the FIA on how the rules related to Testing of Previous Cars, which determine the criteria for which cars can be used in this type of test, are applied for 2022, it has been decided to use the 2018 car," Ferrari said on their website.

AlphaTauri also testing with older car

In the most recent FIA sporting regulations, Testing of Previous Cars states that only cars from three calendar years immediately preceding the championship year may be used. So in this case that would be cars from 2018, 2019 and 2020.

However, the teams are hoping that the rules will be modified by the FIA so that cars from 2021 can also be used on test days. The wait is now on for a decision from the FIA on this. So Ferrari took the safe bet today and AlphaTauri also tested with the 2020 AT01 at Imola on Tuesday.

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