'This shows why the FIA needs to push for less asphalt run offs'

24-01-2022 13:02 | Updated: 24-01-2022 14:08
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'This shows why the FIA needs to push for less asphalt run offs'

According to Karun Chandhok, Formula One should invest to put about five meters of gravel bays and grass next to the tracks everywhere. An accident in the Formula Regional Asian Championship (FRAC) once again prompted this call from the Indian.

This past weekend, the FRAC ran a number of races at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The track has many asphalted run-off lanes next to the track, allowing drivers to easily get off the track and back on it without losing speed.

Crash in FRAC causes questions again

During one of the FRAC races, things went wrong when one of the drivers ended up off-track after Turn nine and got back on before the next turn. He tapped two opponents who both crashed out as a result. The accident did not escape Chandhok's notice: "Utter stupidity but also shows why the FIA needs to push for fewer asphalt run-offs!"

"I have been saying for many years that we need five meters of 'natural deterrents' at the edge of the track," says Chandhok. In Formula 1, the most famous example of last season is Max Verstappen's defensive manoeuvre on Lewis Hamilton in Brazil. The Dutchman received no penalty for this.

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