Praise for Marko: "Why keep drivers who are not good enough for F1?"

23-01-2022 16:39 | Updated: 23-01-2022 22:18
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Praise for Marko: Why keep drivers who are not good enough for F1?

Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko is known as a tough teacher, but he often knows how to handle young talents. For example, Yuki Tsunoda experienced a turning point after Marko decided to move him to Italy and his decision to bring Max Verstappen to Red Bull early proved to be the right one. Red Bull junior Juri Vips is also very fond of the Austrian.

Vips, who competes on behalf of Red Bull in Formula 2, says it's not all that hard on Marko. The Red Bull chief keeps a lot of contact with the juniors and speaks to them before, during and after each race weekend. "He is simpler than people think," said Vips in conversation with

Vips agrees with Marko and Red Bull approach

According to the 21-year-old driver from Estonia, Marko puts pressure on his drivers, but is also very nice and straightforward. As long as you perform, there's nothing wrong. That's just how it goes in Red Bull's junior team: if you don't do well, you can get kicked out, but if you do well, you'll end up in Formula 1.

"They throw people out, yes. But why would you want to keep and paydrivers who are not going to be worthy of F1? They want only the best talent and I think that's the right approach," Vips said, pointing out that Red Bull keeps the best drivers but then gives them a chance.

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