Fastest laps ever driven in F1: Jeddah immediately in the top

23-01-2022 13:22 | Updated: 23-01-2022 14:54
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Fastest laps ever driven in F1: Jeddah immediately in the top

Formula 1 has long been synonymous with speed, pure speed. Even on the street circuit of Monaco, a Formula One car naturally goes much faster than is actually possible. The potential of an F1 car is only really apparent on the high-speed circuits of the calendar.

Temple of Speed

It is no secret that Monza is one of the fastest circuits of the F1 season. Although there are three chicanes, the rest is full throttle blowing through the beautiful park in Monza. The mandatory race distance of over 300 kilometres in Italy is always completed in a flash.

Monza currently has the highest average speed for a qualifying lap ever, thanks to Lewis Hamilton in 2020 (264.363 km/h). That's over five kilometers per hour faster than Keke Rosberg drove at Silverstone in 1985 (259.005 km/h) and well faster than Nelson Piquet at the Red Bull Ring in 1987 (256.622 km/h).

Fastest street circuit

Since last season, Formula 1 has operated on the new circuit in Saudi Arabia. When this race was announced, it was said that this would be the fastest street circuit in the world. This turns out to be completely true. In fact, it is one of the fastest circuits that Formula 1 has ever raced on. In the list of highest average speeds during qualifying, Jeddah is in fourth place. Hamilton drove an average of 253.984 kilometers per hour last season.

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