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Steiner expresses expectation: 'It’s very encouraging'

Steiner expresses expectation: 'It’s very encouraging'

22 January - 10:22 Last update: 22 January - 10:22


Haas has had a dramatic season in Formula 1. Indeed, last season the American racing stable was the only team left pointless. Nevertheless, Guenther Steiner has confidence in the new year, he says in conversation with Crash.net.

At the beginning of 2021, the Haas team boss let it be known that Haas was mainly focusing on the following year, as the FIA was then implementing new regulations. Expectations therefore had to be lowered further, he stressed at the time. Steiner undoubtedly did not expect that it would be possible to win even one point.

Steiner expects better Haas in 2022

With Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin in its ranks, it took a considerable risk. Both men had no previous experience in Formula 1 and were therefore given a year to get used to the motorsport class. Mazepin, in particular, could be caught at fault on several occasions, but Steiner thinks things will improve in 2022 and Haas will be fighting for the middle ground.

"I think we will still be the underdog which is trying to punch above its weight because our structure is roughly the same as it was in ’18 and ’19," says Steiner, who saw Ferrari make a clear progress. "It’s very encouraging to see that they made a development and it works. The results have got a lot better towards the end of the season as well."

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