De Vries experiences stress: 'Always, for everything in motor racing'

21-01-2022 12:46 | Updated: 21-01-2022 13:33
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De Vries experiences stress: 'Always, for everything in motor racing'

Nyck de Vries is looking forward to the start of the Formula E season. The driver of the Mercedes EQ-team starts the year as reigning world champion and therefore expects that there will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He tells that to

Whereas Max Verstappen chose to use number 1 this season, De Vries decided not to. The driver thinks it is a completely logical decision to use his current number 17 and did not think for a moment about another choice. "In all honesty, we didn't even discuss using number 1," he reveals.

De Vries hopes to have another strong racing season. Although he is confident in his own qualities, he does feel the pressure. "I do always feel nervous and I always say, nerves and stress. Always, for everything I do in motor racing because I care a lot about it. It's my life is and I have passion for what I do."

De Vries hopes for new successes

Together with teammate Stoffel Vandoorne, De Vries will once again fight for victories this season. The new season starts on January 28 and 29 with two races in Saudi Arabia. The Dutch driver is currently working hard to get off to a good start.

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