The traditional season opener is sure to return to the calendar in 2022

20-01-2022 14:56 | Updated: 21-01-2022 09:11
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The traditional season opener is sure to return to the calendar in 2022

The Australian Grand Prix will not be cancelled for the third time in a row. The boss of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Andrew Westacott, confirms that the Government of Victoria has agreed that the event will go ahead this year.

Australia was the beginning of 'coronavirus calendar'

It was almost two years ago in Australia when it became clear what an impact the coronavirus was going to have on the F1 season. On that Friday the thirteenth of March, there was still racing in the morning at the circuit. Weeks before the event there were reports all over the world about whether the F1 event could go ahead. When the first F1 fans even gathered at the gates of the Albert Park Circuit the decision was made last minute to cancel the Australian GP.

The following year, there was again no green light given by the government of the state of Victoria in Australia to allow the event to go ahead in Melbourne. That same government has confirmed to the event director that the event will go ahead this year. Thus Westacott tells the Australian

GP Australia will go ahead this year

"We have had confirmation from the Government of Victoria that the event will go ahead. We have also had a commitment from Formula 1 that they will come here for the third round of the championship." Westacott goes on to say that ticket sales are going fast. The director expects that despite the virus, a 'normal' event can be held. However, some measures will apply around the party locations on the grounds.

Australia will sell the maximum number of tickets possible for the weekend. However, visitors must be fully vaccinated; the event will work closely with the government to ensure everything runs smoothly. There has not been a moment when the organizers have considered holding the event without an audience. In fact, the situation in Australia is much better than in previous years in terms of the coronavirus.

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