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Organizers must ground fighter jets in 2022

Organizers must ground fighter jets in 2022

20 January - 11:24 Last update: 14:04


Every Formula 1 fan has seen it at least once: the air shows before the race. It is a great spectacle, but in the near future, we will see far less of it or not at all. Corriere della Sera reports that Formula 1 has decided to ban these shows.

The organization surrounding Formula 1 has decided that organizers of the races are no longer allowed to do air shows with military aircraft. The shows cause too much pollution and therefore do not fit in with the goals of Formula 1.

The sport has been concerned about the climate for some time now and would therefore like to reduce its CO2 emissions. In recent years there have already been several campaigns in Formula 1 that called attention to the climate, for example, to reduce the amount of waste and use less plastic. On top of that, organizers are now being asked to keep the planes and fighter jets on the ground.

Not just about climate change?

The biggest reason for banning air shows seems to be the climate, but some people claim that it also has to do with military power. These shows could eventually be used for propaganda and the Formula One organization wants to avoid that. 

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